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Elk City Auto Spa is a family owned, full-service auto detailing and body shop provider. We are conveniently located in downtown Charleston, WV. Our expert service will transform your car from a daily driver to a showroom ready vehicle that truly will “Shine Like a Diamond.” Our attention to detailing and quality, along with our wide array of buffers and polishers, will make your car look and feel like you just brought it home from the dealership. The convenience and flexibility of Elk City Auto Spa allows us to work around your busy schedule.

Your car needs detailed. Allow us to PAMPER it for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Auto detailing is probably the best and most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle. Car detailing is an important single process that covers a wide variety of techniques and products which, to get the best results, require considerable skill to apply. It is considered an efficient renovation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle to keep it working in good condition.
FACT: Washing is not the same as car detailing. Car detailing takes much more time, care, and effort into making sure your vehicle is actually clean, and not just the paint surface. Between polishing, waxing, and even full interior cleaning, detailing has many more added bonuses than washing and is definitely worth the extra cost. It is recommended that you get your car detailed at least a few times a year depending on use.
Please be sure to have all personal belongings and valuables in your vehicle out before detailing. Also if you are getting our showroom detail on the interior, Diamond Deep Clean or Gold Package Detail, remove items in middle console, glove compartment, and trunk/cargo space. We appreciate this in advance so we will not effect anything with our cleaning agents. Thank you.
Not at all. Most stains are simple to remove when using professional tools and chemicals, we have removed a countless number of stains in vehicles that customers were ready to ditch their entire vehicle or replace the seats because the stains were so bad.
Yes we have special tools and equipment that helps remove pet hair at an additional cost. It takes longer to detail and remove vs those vehicles that do not have pet hair. You will be very happy with the results.
Yes we most certainly can. We can arrange a consultation to meet your fleet detailing needs.
Yes for all occasions. Christmas, Valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grand Parents Day and just because I want to give you a unique gift day!!!
Yes, we specialize in odor elimination smoke being one of them.
Yes we do! Get your glass treated with the #1 Product backed by a 3 year warranty.
  • Our glass treatment improves visibility in inclement weather, when drivers struggle the most.
  • Insects can be effortlessly washed away. It makes ice, snow and road dirt much easier to remove.
  • Reduces glare.
  • Protects against acid rain corrosion and mineral build up.
  • The difference is vital, it increases you and your family‘s safety on the road rain, sleet, or snow.
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